Bulletin of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences

  • Bulletin of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences 
  • E-ISSN: 2321- 4503
  • Chief Editor: Dr VIJAY KHAJURIA MD
  • Email: editorbopams@gmail.com
  • Language: english
  • Starting Year: 2013
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Website: http://www.bopams.com/
  • Country: India
  • P-ISSN: No
  • No. of Issue published: 9
  • Publisher Name: KY publications
  • Discipline: Medicine & Pharmacy
  • Accessing Method: Online
  • License Type: CC.BY
  • Description: Bulletin of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences (BOPAMS) is a peer-reviewed, open access international scientific journal published by KY Publications India (P) Ltd., The journal provides a focal point for the publication of all aspects of research in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Medical sciences. BOPAMS focuses on integrating theory, research and practice in the area of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. It aspires to bring academicians, researchers, doctors, medical as well as pharmaceutical industry people and practitioners together.
    The journal is dedicated to increasing the depth of Medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences across disciplines with the ultimate aim of improving medical research. BOPAMS will cover all areas of basic, clinical, experimental, preventive and social medicine. Our dedicated technical and editorial team members from different fields of Medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences ensures the quality and review standard of our publications. BOPAMS publishes original articles, super express letters, and letters to editor and reviews etc. BOPAMS is currently accepting manuscripts; you can support this journal (BOPAMS) by sending your manuscripts to us. The journal also publishes review articles on basic research, clinical research, editorials, commentaries, points of view, and controversies
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